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You entered a webpage for the TV Show "Wake Up", created by two women coming from different background and united by the idea of creating unique content that is entertains and awakens.

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Two women living an ordinary life will no longer keep it together once they discover that their love life is shaken by the Higher Force. 

Directed by Sarah S. Parienti

rSarah S. Parienti is a french actress who moved from Paris to Miami in 2010, to specialized herself in Personal and Spiritual development. Graduated from the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2014, she traveled the world giving speeches about higher Consciousness. Training with Ralph Kinnard at Miami Acting Studio, she is now using her contents and skills as an Actress, T.V Host, Director and Teacher to develop Entertainment projects for Global Healing.

Produced by Anna Bogomazova

Anna Bogomazova was born in Russia and moved to the United States in 2011, Kickboxing World Champion and Sag Actress. Graduated Law School in 2010, wrestled in WWE under stage name Anya. Studied filmmaking in USA and acting in Miami Acting Studio. Constantly looking for growth and learning opportunities, Anna is pursuing her dream in producing, and acting in meaningful TV Shows and films.


Andrew Ottolia


Sarah S. Parienti


Jim Hall



Anna Bogomazova


Piper Quirk


Karsen Andrews


Jamal Kendrell Wright


Chris Watson

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